It’s time to discover Casino Room Roulette and feel the same thrills enjoyed by those who gamble in brick-and-mortar casinos. These are the games to play against real croupiers, while interacting with your peers and socializing with fellow players. There’s no better way to enjoy the best of both worlds than by playing one of the most popular casino games in history.

Luckily for those who sign up for an account and explore the selection of Casino room games, there are different types of roulette to choose from. The classic versions, as well as new titles inspired by them are just one click away and can be played on mobile devices. The subtle differences keep the game fresh, but the core rules are the same, so the learning curve is silky smooth.

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European roulette

Of all Casino Room online roulette games, the European version is by far the most popular and for good reasons. There is a single zero on the wheel, so the odds of losing any bet are smaller than if you were playing the American game. Players can reduce the risks by placing outside bets on color, odds and even numbers, or chase bigger payouts with inside bets. The best return on investment is generated by wagers placed on a single number, but there’s an indissoluble link between risk and reward.

American Casino Room Roulette

Despite the additional zero pocket on the wheel, American roulette has never fallen from grace and it remains as popular today as when it was invented. The house edge is about 5%, but the difference is negligible and the game is just as fun to play against real dealers. Action never runs out at American roulette games and several players can compete simultaneously. You can talk to the croupiers and feel like if you were sharing the room with dozens of enthusiastic players.

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French Roulette

Those who play casino room roulette and seek the absolutely lowest house edge are likely to find what they’re looking for at French roulette tables. This game has two distinct additional rules, called “la partage” and “en prison” which enable players to win back half of their stakes. If the ball lands on the zero slot, the stakes won’t be subtracted, but players will have another shot. The upside is that the rest of the rules don’t change, so you don’t have to learn a brand-new game from scratch.

Roulette Highroller

Veteran players and those who are ready to turn the heat up a notch will be lavishly rewards by the Casino Room Roulette for highrollers. The name speaks for itself, because when the wheel starts spinning, players are allowed to bet significantly larger amounts. This is the fastest way to win big, without taking extra chances or dealing with different rules. Roulette High Roller is essentially a European roulette, with the same low house edge and cool design that catches the eye.

Last but definitely not least, Monopoly Roulette Tycoon is a fantastic version of the game inspired by the ever well-liked Monopoly. Many of the iconic symbols that players will easily recognize from the popular family game appear on the table. The numbers layout and payouts are the same, so it’s business as usual.

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